How to jailbreak Google Chromecast?

As we all know, it is Google Chromecast that supports us to move HDTV into streaming, mean and lean machines. Though it is tiny, users can count on whatever on the web. But for some reason, developers offered a way to jailbreak Google Chromecast. Since it gives you features that your mind will blow, you will surely love to know how to jailbreak Google Chromecast? Behind the jailbroken Chromecast, you have advanced features and that capable to arrange on a customized edition of Google TV OS.

You can simply use a Chromecast by just connect and play. You can easily go through using Wi-Fi built-in. If you think that Apple TV is better than Chromecast, there is a wide range of features that you can bring on your hands. As I suggest, this is cheaper and easy to improve by jailbreak.

jailbreak google chromecast

Complete guide to jailbreak Google Chromecast

Go through each direction of both requirements and step guide. Apply each step carefully. Bring advanced features on your Chromecast by jailbreak.


  • Compile a USB flash Drive at least in size of 128 MB
  • Find out a proper link of the USB image and download it
  • Compile the Google Chromecast
  • A power cable of micro USB OTG

The step guide

  • First of all, format the compiled USB flash drive
  • And then download the accurate zip file
  • Now, extract the gtyhacker-chromecast.bin package
  • Then you have to set up the downloaded image to the flash drive using syntax – dd if=gtvhacker-chromecast.bin of=/devsdX bs=1024
  • Use the female port of your OTG cable and connect the flash drive in it
  • And then connect the other side to the Chromecast
  • During you plug the power cable press and hold the specific key on Chromecast
  • And check the screen. There should be one on the flashlight
  • You will see Chromecast boot up
  • The kernel too should execute
  • If the process goes properly, the system will completely renew with a jailbroken edition while all the data will escape
  • But the Chromecast should boot normally. Do not bother if it takes a few minutes as it is the usual manner
  • Everything will start by asking you to enter options on the Setup screen

Final words

You have to carefully follow each step to make it a successful procedure. Of course, it has been suggested as a risky operation that the user should jailbreak at his own risk.