How to Jailbreak Macbook Air?

Jailbreak Macbook air

Do you know what jailbreaking brings to you over all the stock restrictions? Are you a fan of jailbreak? Then what do you know about Jailbreak Macbook Air? Here we are covering you some important facts on jailbreaking?

What is jailbreaking?

In simple, jailbreaking is referred to as removing restrictions on Apple devices in stock. So here these restrictions keep the user away from certain limits of the device in the purpose of security. But what if they make you limited in the thing you could manage on your device? That is where you meet at jailbreak. You can jailbreak iOS, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. But there is no jailbreak Macbook Air.

For different devices, jailbreaks vary. Among all the jailbreak stories, iOS jailbreak is what is popular the most. We find a lot of users wait for iOS jailbreak updates even Apple keeps upgrading the operating system with its every release. So at the moment, you have iOS 13 jailbreak with various tools. If you are compatible, you can try jailbreaking with a connection to Mac or PC.

Jailbreak Macbook Air

There is no jailbreak Macbook Air even if you are waiting to enjoy more power on your Mac device. So at the moment, you have to know the limits. And we believe there would be a chance to jailbreak Macbook Air too somewhere in the future. Then keep watching.

Jailbreaking usually states to the elimination of iOS software restrictions on Apple devices. This happens through software exploits. So for different iOS firmware, you have different tools. Simply, jailbreaking gives root access to the iOS file system leaving you with the full system potential. So once jailbroken, that device is opened to install tweaks, apps and try advanced modifications. But for that, you need the right jailbreak tool.

Wrap up

There is no jailbreak available for MacBook or any other computer. And there is no need for that, indeed.

You have the rights to install anything that is written for Mac OS/OSX on your computer. And you can format, copy, backup, delete, and do anything on the Mac as you wish. You would hardly find restrictions here. So simply there is no need to go for jailbreak Macbook. But if we get a chance to write on something related, we would definitely do. So stay with us searching for all the jailbreak news updates.

iOS 10 Untethered Jailbreak- Do you have a chance?

Any update on iOS 10 Untethered Jailbreak? If you are looking for any news, this is the right place to meet all news. Sometimes back, iOS 10 jailbreak was much attention-winning. This was truly due to the Jailbreaker iH8sn0w as with his video post on YouTube which was proving he has successfully achieved untethered jailbreak for iOS 10. But what was its progress?

iOS 10 untethered jailbreak

iOS 10 Untethered Jailbreak achieved!

When it comes to jailbreak and Cydia, iH8sn0w is one big name. So here he comes showing how truly powerful he is in the jailbreak community by showing that he has proven the fact that iOS 10 is jailbrekable. He has proven successful entry to Cydia iOS 10 by doing modifications to the highest.

This jailbreak demonstration was quite powerful at that time and has raised hopes for many about the possible release. But just as always, we could not make any predictions on what is possible in the days ahead.

Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 10

Thanks to the developer Todesco, the long silence of iOS jailbreak has ended. So make those who looked for IOS 10 jailbreak happy, the update Yalu has come. This is a similar tool to Pangu 9.3.3 which was a mix of both tethered and untethered features. As the first successful Cydia iOS 10 version, the tool Yalu here comes with more importance.

Yalu jailbreak has come through a number of beta versions. So with a lot of testing, the tool finally comes in the public hand with support to Cydia. The jailbreak requires to work through Windows, Mac, and Linux as it requires Cydia impactor tool download here to sideload the IPA. And just like you find in every semi-untethered jailbreak, here you are bound to jailbreak expiry with the certificate attached. So make sure you resign the jailbreak after 7 days (if the usual Apple ID is used) and resign the app in every time you reboot the device.

Yalu jailbreak is compatible through iOS 10 to iOS 10.2 covering up 64-bit device compatibility. But there are several conditions from the tool side. So make sure you check all of them before going through processing.

Although there was no iOS 10 untethered jailbreak in progress, Yalu came with Cydia benefits. So if you are on iOS 10 and compatible for this jailbreak, give it a try and enjoy Cydia Download free.


Do you know how to customize iPhone home screen without Jailbreak?

When it comes to customizing your iPhone, what comes to the mind is jailbreak. But if you want something different from jailbreaking through which you will get the warranty terminated, you are here at the right place. Know about how to customize iPhone Home screen without jailbreak. This would be interesting, keep reading.

customize iphone home screen without jailbreak

Ready to customize iPhone Home screen without jailbreak

Hide App icon labels:

  • Launch settings > general > Accessibility and toggle on Reduce motion
  • Increase contrast and turn on dark colors from the accessibility pane
  • Then move to hide app icon labels (this is easier with a bug on iOS 10)
  • Swipe up the control center and double tap home button to open app switcher
  • From home screen you will notice app icon labels have gone from the dock
  • Repeat the steps and hide all app icon labels

Hide the status bar:

  • This would not be a permanent change as it will reappear when you launch an app.
  • Go to app switcher by double tap
  • Press and hold the button to sleep and wake until you get “slide to power off”
  • Then double press home and go to the Home to see your status bar disappeared

What about Cydia Alternatives to customize iPhone Home with no jailbreak?

Yes, you have the best Cydia Alternative to choose by now in order to apply various customizations on the home screen and functions. It is true that they are not comparable to Cydia. But thanks to the developers, we have wide apps choice in third party installer category to enjoy themes, wallpapers, and various tweaks. You can look into the content of each app and see what they take. You would find some apps taking Cydia tweaks too to get your device through some modifications. So give a try to these free Cydia alternatives.

Wrap up

Customizing iPhone screen is important to make it look different and just right to your requirements. As you already know, iOS jailbreak is the most popular path to customizing iPhones. But if you really do care about iOS firmware updates, device warranty and security, jailbreaking is something that takes you twice to think. So do not worry, try these simple tricks. If not go for a third-party installer and enjoy some Cydia-like features and functions to make a change in the way your device feels and looks.


How to get Spotify Premium for free no jailbreak?

Those who love to spend their leisure must know what is Spotify? In simply, it is a digital music streaming service that will bring you through tons of podcasts, videos, songs and everything from global artists. It became popular for being similar to well-known Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music. However, it has both free and paid apps to pick up as we prefer. So the premium package contains more than the free option as always. In this guide, we will let you know how to get Spotify Premium for free no jailbreak? Add Spotify is not complicated even you are not a jailbreak user. Here we go.

spotify premium

Spotify Premium for free

If you wish to collect its free package, you have nothing to do except register using the email address or else just sign up using your Facebook account. Even using the free option will help you make sure that it is worth enough to have on your device. When you become a premium user, you have to arrange the deal for a monthly payment. But, still, we have methods that support us to bring the app with advanced features without payment or without jailbreak permission at all.

Get Spotify Premium for free no jailbreak

  • Prepare a Windows/Mac OS X/Linux machine with a lightning cable
  • Download Cydia Impactor and Spotify Premium IPA file from respective sources
  • Launch Cydia Impactor right away
  • Use the prepared cable and connect the device
  • Drag and drop the Spotify file to the Impactor
  • Use the Start button and continue
  • When you will ask to enter your ID login details use your current Apple ID username and password there
  • After the process, go to the Settings section of the device and Genera > Profiles panels orderly
  • Now you have to find out the respective profile of Spotify app and Trust it
  • The app is ready to work

Important: If you wish to know another way to get a closer Spotify Premium app, you have to go through TweakBox. We have Spotify there with advanced features.

Wrapping up

Install Spotify on your device and enjoy worldwide music tracks without search everywhere for various. It helps you to gather various music tracks in one place. However, if you are doubt about its performance, just start with the free package. And then you will realize Spotify is an app that you must not ignore. Let your iPhone set up the app using the above methods with advanced features completely without jailbreak.

Complete guide to PS4 jailbreak

Jailbreak is an interesting term when you know the true goal behind it. There is a world full of features, enhancements, apps, games and many others for jailbreak-only devices. We mostly use it for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, jailbreak a Play Station means such an interesting deal for you do not have to worry about surrounding barriers when you become jailbroken. This is about PS4 jailbreak 2019. We will guide you on how to bring jailbreak permission on your PS4. It should safely apply for there are both positive and negative outcomes. But if you carefully go through and archive proper permission, there is no other condition to keep you surrounding the same frame. Here we go.

ps4 jailbreak

Guide to PS4 jailbreak 2019


  • Prepare each and every single thing before going to the process part.
  • Arrange your Play Station 4
  • Check the compatibility of the version of your PS4
  • Compile a USB drive with at least 1 GB space
  • A special program to extract files such as WinRAR
  • Download the custom firmware from a recommended source

Note: The official website will let you check the correct version of your Play Station. And also, the custom firmware too should applicable in it.

How to?

  • Extract the downloaded firmware using WinRAR or using the tool that you prepared
  • Now plug the USB drive to the PC
  • Copy and paste the extracted file to the drive. It should copy to the root in it
  • Bring the console and then turn off it
  • And then connect it with the USB drive
  • Now turn on the PS4 right away
  • When the loading process is over, go to the Settings > System Update > Update via Storage Media
  • Stay patiently as the process take around 15 minutes to bring to the end

When the process will end, you can have it with as a device running the custom firmware that you suggested.

Wrapping up

By the way, once become a jailbreak user, you are no longer framed among bothersome conditions. So you can easily bring those games and features on your Play Station that you could not so far. Stay further for further clarifications about jailbreaking. Once new releases will be there, check us for reliable reports. Jailbreak your PS4 and enjoy true gaming during this quarantine period. Of course, there are methods to jailbreak PS3 and PS2 as well that you can easily find out from the web.

Top PS4 jailbreak games

If you are with a Play Station 4, this is for you to enjoy your leisure with more and more advanced games. Skip from the odd frame so you can bring more games there. For that, you can use, jailbreak PS4 simply using the recommended tool. They say PS4 can jailbreak when it running a compatible version up to 5.05. However, if you have been jailbroken, check out PS4 jailbreak games that you can enjoy. If there were games that the formal Play Station kept far from you, it is time to bring them without any barrier with jailbreak permission.

ps4 jailbreak games

PS4 jailbreak games download

Jailbreak means the method that lets you to escape from the frame that stuck you. In most cases, whatever device behind jailbreak has serious conditions that a normal user cannot get rid of. And even most users jailbreak their devices because they wish to bring all those paid stuff for totally free from then onwards. However, PS4 jailbreak is not complicated. You can find out the latest jailbreak version from a reliable source and simply follow instructions. Until you confirm that the device is jailbroken, you do not have a way to bring any of those restricted games on your platform.

If you still could not jailbreak, check your device version. It should be version 5.05 or lower. If not, you have to patiently remain for hackers to offer another update.

PS4 jailbreak games

The most interesting part of being jailbroken with your PS4 is that you have the power to download any paid game for totally free. Fill your Play Station with games that you love. There are several popular websites that welcome those who love PS4 jailbreak games. You can find out them and download whatever without any further condition.

Final words

By the way, we are in the final chapter of this narration. Jailbreak a device is interesting when you know the true features behind the screen. When it comes to Play Station, you can play any game that you love with this. First of all, find out the tool and become jailbroken. And then you can go through those popular sources to bring games for totally free.

If you are with any previous PS version, there is nothing to worry for you too can jailbreak your device using proper tools. It is far when only you are with an advanced version after 5.05. 


How to jailbreak Google Chromecast?

As we all know, it is Google Chromecast that supports us to move HDTV into streaming, mean and lean machines. Though it is tiny, users can count on whatever on the web. But for some reason, developers offered a way to jailbreak Google Chromecast. Since it gives you features that your mind will blow, you will surely love to know how to jailbreak Google Chromecast? Behind the jailbroken Chromecast, you have advanced features and that capable to arrange on a customized edition of Google TV OS.

You can simply use a Chromecast by just connect and play. You can easily go through using Wi-Fi built-in. If you think that Apple TV is better than Chromecast, there is a wide range of features that you can bring on your hands. As I suggest, this is cheaper and easy to improve by jailbreak.

jailbreak google chromecast

Complete guide to jailbreak Google Chromecast

Go through each direction of both requirements and step guide. Apply each step carefully. Bring advanced features on your Chromecast by jailbreak.


  • Compile a USB flash Drive at least in size of 128 MB
  • Find out a proper link of the USB image and download it
  • Compile the Google Chromecast
  • A power cable of micro USB OTG

The step guide

  • First of all, format the compiled USB flash drive
  • And then download the accurate zip file
  • Now, extract the gtyhacker-chromecast.bin package
  • Then you have to set up the downloaded image to the flash drive using syntax – dd if=gtvhacker-chromecast.bin of=/devsdX bs=1024
  • Use the female port of your OTG cable and connect the flash drive in it
  • And then connect the other side to the Chromecast
  • During you plug the power cable press and hold the specific key on Chromecast
  • And check the screen. There should be one on the flashlight
  • You will see Chromecast boot up
  • The kernel too should execute
  • If the process goes properly, the system will completely renew with a jailbroken edition while all the data will escape
  • But the Chromecast should boot normally. Do not bother if it takes a few minutes as it is the usual manner
  • Everything will start by asking you to enter options on the Setup screen

Final words

You have to carefully follow each step to make it a successful procedure. Of course, it has been suggested as a risky operation that the user should jailbreak at his own risk. 


How to jailbreak MacBook Air?

It is being long since the day that Apple started its journey. In addition to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; they offered several amazing devices such as Macintosh, Apple Watch and MacBook Air. However, operating systems of those devices were different and unique and even surrounded barriers for the betterment of their users and for security purposes. Jailbreak is one of the terms connected to iDevices. But, have you ever heard about jailbreak MacBook air? This too will be an interesting topic. If you have a MacBook and need to jailbreak it, here we go.

jailbreak macbook air

The truth about jailbreak MacBook air

The latest 13 inches MacBook Air is a perfectly designed smart device for those who excite about advanced technological uses. You can purchase them in three colors as Space Gray, Silver and Gold. Magic keyboard, Retina display, Intel iris plus graphics, Touch ID, Force Touch trackpad and more newly arranged features are there to impress you.

However, even we have a long list of unique and interesting deals, you may wish to collect if there is a MacBook air jailbreak. But, before anything else, make sure that jailbreakers offered such a tool or at least promised to release. Though we too searched for a reliable offer, there is no such deal thus far.

Rumored jailbreak MacBook air

According to rumors, a true jailbreak tool for MacBook Air will launch to the audience as soon as possible. Though we have nothing to confirm, guess that if there will be a release, it will help us to work out of the frame and even gain more features there. Remove restrictions as well as one of the significant features of a jailbroken device. So a jailbroken MacBook Air will not put you in such serious barriers at all.

Wrapping up

Jailbreak an Apple device is one of the winning moments of an Apple user. As we said, there are so many barriers surround the operating system though it is unique and attention-grabbing. It is the reason behind the attractiveness of iPhone jailbreak. However, note that there is no true jailbreak MacBook air to go through at this instant. Stay tuned with us to let you know if a reliable update will reach us. Until then, keep your MacBook Air fresh and as it is. There are many features to enjoy. There is no doubt that you missed a lot that you should willingly find out. 


Uncover jailbreak iOS 13 – Everything new

Uncover is an amazing and interesting deal that jailbreakers offered to the audience. It is compatible with iOS 11 to iOS 13.3. Experts say that Uncover jailbreak iOS 13 is the most tremendous application that developers found so far. Since it based on a hardware security hole, it cannot that easily patch like previous system security patches. However, it finally supports the user to archive Cydia and its uses. So you can go through all jailbreak features using Unc0ver. If you are with a compatible device running a compatible iOS version, there is no other requirement.

uncover jailbreak ios 13

Uncover jailbreak iOS 13 for everyone

Unc0ver is not a complicated application when you are with proper arrangements. You can easily bring jailbreak permission on your device with a few clicks. Anyhow, install the Uncover app and go through the IPA based package are the two popular methods of use Unc0ver. When you are with the IPA file, Cydia Impactor will help you to sideload the Unc0ver jailbreak app on your device. Cydia will automatically install on your iPhone during the jailbreak operation. If you wish to use Sileo, you can find out the Sileo app using your Cydia app store.

Important facts to remember

Unc0ver is a semi-untethered tool. So you cannot use it like an untethered jailbreak for the permission you will gain will not remain if you restart the device. It will partly break and will ask you to click the jailbreak button and re-jailbreak the device. But this is a little far from usual app expiration. While paid users will have to renew their app certificate yearly, those who are with a free Apple ID will have to renew it once a week. This is not because of semi-untethered status. So you have to completely apply the jailbreak procedure from the very beginning.

Final words

We are at the end of the narration. It does not matter if you are with iOS 13.3 either for Unc0ver can support you when you are between iOS 11 to iOS 13.3. Remember that this is about a semi-untethered tool and not an untethered or tethered one at all. For it is between this two statuses, there are unique features that you have to find out and properly go through. It is important to download Unc0ver latest version. It is another point that will help you with a successful jailbreak operation. Are you ready?


PS3 jailbreak download – Important facts to collect

Jailbreak is an interesting deal when you know how great those features behind. Those who need to break the barrier of their Play Station 3 too can go through ps3 jailbreak download from here. The tool has been released a few months back in 2019. As it is version 4.84 as the popular version, we too decided to talk about it. If you wish to break the wall of your Play Station 3, you should know certain things. At this point, experts suggested HAN and OFW to CFW as the two methods of jailbreaking. So let’s see how it is. Here we go.

ps3 jailbreak download

More about ps3 jailbreak download

They say CFW is the way to reach Multiman on your Play station. For that reason, it is the popular jailbreak method that everyone looking for. But it can only use when your Play Satin version is 4.84. It is the HAN method that suggested for those who cannot go through CFW.

However, when you become jailbroken, there is a heap of advanced features for you to enjoy with your PS3. Since this is a little risky, you must jailbreak at your own risk.

Important facts for ps3 jailbreak download

  • As usual, during technical uses, we have a few important things to go through as follows. Do not skip any single direction for each of them should arrange properly for a good ending.
  • First of all, check your Play Station compatibility
  • Compile a proper computer or laptop. Some user guides may suggest a smartphone instead of a PC. But, since it is risky and you should carefully go through, having a computer is better and safe
  • Arrange a pen drive. And there should be at least 1 GB space
  • Stable and strong Wi-Fi connection

Highlighted features

The latest version of the ps3 jailbreak download has been updated on its performance and features. It is easy to set up than previously. Play online games is another amazing feature. And also you can use the Multi-man Backup manager there. Those who need to confirm if it works with PKG files as well, now it is time to deal with.

By the way, as these are just a few things that anyone should go through before jailbreaking, remember that you have to find out a complete guide as well. Compile each and every single requirement before apply. But do not waste your time over fake directions. We will bring you more about jailbreak Play Station as soon as possible.