Pangu 10 jailbreak demoed possible!


When it comes to jailbreaking iOS, Pangu has a significant role to play. With the successful entry on Pangu 9.3.3, we are made to think Pangu 10 jailbreak is possible. And with the demonstrations at MOSEC back in 2016, the fact was verified making us more focus into an update from Pangu jailbreak. But what could be the update ahead?

Pangu 10 jailbreak

Is the wait for Pangu 10 Jailbreak over?

Team Pangu is almost late for Pangu 10 jailbreak at this moment. In fact, Pangu’s final tool for the moment is Pangu 9.3.3 as they have set us waits for longer for something better. In that way, Pangu 10 jailbreak is something we keep waiting for a long time back but still has no proper response. And it has gone for some older hits at the moment as the wait has gone longer than ever expected. But if Pangu is still ready for surprises, there’s no harm in keeping the wait.

And for the exciting fact, Pangu jailbreak iOS 10 is already demoed at the tech event years back with a powerful entry to jailbreak possibilities. But sadly, there’s still no tool in public for the users where you are set in a blank.

What is Pangu jailbreak iOS 13 update?

Pangu is a very popular name in the jailbreak community whom you should definitely know if you are interested in jailbreak and Cydia. Since the release of Pangu 9.3.3, the team cannot be found through a public tool release so far. But not taking that a reason for no work under the cover, we could hopefully wait for some good news back from Pangu jailbreak supporting firmware later.

When it comes to jailbreak and Cydia, we suddenly get iOS 13 jailbreak as with the support checkra1n. In fact, checkra1n is the first-ever jailbreak tool that came with checkm8 bootrom exploit which is unpatchable by Apple through any firmware updates. So with that, checkra1n has expanded its work compatibility from iOS 12.3 to upper up to iOS 13.3 latest. But it is limited in the device compatibility as A5 to A11 making it only up to iPhone X jailbreak but no further.

Looking at all the tool facts around Pangu, we currently do not find any support to Pangu 10 jailbreak update or any support on Pangu iOS 13 jailbreak. So leave that to the future, let us keep watching all the updates.