When will hackers release iOS 13 jailbreak?

iOS 13 is the all-new topic for both regular and jailbreak users to chase. Some of the users already upgraded their devices to 13 for it is the most recent operating system they received. And now, we are looking if hackers got a way to write the story of iOS 13 jailbreak. But unfortunately, there is no single detail that clearly says there is a proper public method to collect Cydia. So we have a few things to clarify. In this narration, you can get to know if it is better to upgrade or not. Here we go.

ios 13 jailbreak

iOS 13 jailbreak by Unc0ver

As we all know, Chimera and Unc0ver are the two recent jailbreak tools that we are capable to apply on devices running iOS 11 to iOS 12.4. But the sad thing is it cannot support us for iOS 13. However, Unc0ver is a release of Pwn20wnd while it was Electra behind the Chimera project. Both can only work with the same version array. However, if you think that Pwn20wnd will arrange their Unc0ver tool for iOS 13 as well, you better check if there is proper evidence for. There is one thing to remember. It was a proclamation of team Unc0ver that iOS 13 too can play with Cydia. But also they said that the substrate update should be there.

But not any single detail that we clarified cannot confirm about the upcoming jailbreak tool. We cannot say that it will be Pwn20wnd.

iOS 13 jailbreak with Cydia

At this point, we have to make sure that there will be a new jailbreak tool for iOS 13 for us to reach Cydia throughout. It seems we have to patiently stay until hackers confirm that there is a proper resolution with them to reach Cydia. Until then, you can remain with iOS 12.4 and earlier versions since they are the current jailbroken sessions that we can point out.

ios 13 jailbreak

wrapping up

What we want you to realize is that download iOS 13 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod is not a good decision to surround these heavy points. If you will upgrade, then you have to patiently stay for a jailbreak tool since you cannot apply any current tool with. However, we cannot confirm any hacker to stand for the battle since there is no reliable report about the approaching breakout. As it is iOS 13.2 as the newest version within a couple of days, we hope there will be something interesting in the near future. Stay tuned.