Apple released iOS 8.2 beta 4 for developers

Today Apple released iOS 8.2 beta 4 for developers with some bug fixes and developments. iOS 8.2 beta 4 allow developers to create apps, Glances, and notifications for Apple’s upcoming wearable apple watch device with upcoming iOS 8.2 ahead of its 2015 launch. As well as Apple is working for next minor update, iOS 8.1.3 and it will launched soonly.


 Download iOS 8.2 beta 4 available via OTA or or you can  iOS 8.2 beta 4 download using iTunes.Just like previous iOS 8.2 updated version, iOS 8.2 beta 4 compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus , iPhone 5s, iPone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3,However we hope to jailbreak upcoming iOS 8.2 using TaiG jailbreak iOS 8.2 or pangu jailbreak iOS 8.2 on near future.

Known Issues of iOS 8.2 beta 4

  • If you try to run the armv7 slice on a 64-bit device it won’t work. App extensions need an arm64 slice to run on 64-bit devices.
  •  If the bundle contains a framework that both the app and the app extension link against,Apps need to have an arm64 slice.
  • 3rd party calendar sync does not work in this  iOS 8.2 beta 4
  • The status bar is hidden, After rotating the document picker to landscape.
  • While bringing up the document picker in landscape, the containing view may be shifted beneath the navigation bar.
  • Music playback from iTunes in the Cloud does not work in this  iOS 8.2 beta 4
  • Deleting,Inserting, or updating rows of a WKInterfaceTable may cause the table to temporarily size incorrectly. Scrolling your device interface controller should restore the table to the proper size.
  • SecRequestSharedWebCredential API calls will always give a -909 Autofill disabled error.
  • WKInterfaceSwitch does not reflect the color you set using setColor:.

Please stay tuned with for us we will let you know about latest iOS news ASAP

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