boot loop error pangu jailbreak how is fix?

pangu jailbreak boot loop issue ?

fix boot loop pangu

Now everybody can jailbreak  iOS 7.1.2,7.1.1 with pangu, thanks to Chinese hacker team.But when you use recently released pangu you might be facing boot loop error upon restarting your iDevice. If this happen,Now you don’t need to worry. cause there is a easy way to fix this boot loop issue.
reason to this issue is that iDevice ambient light while reboot your idevice in dark or low light condition this issue happen.

how is fix boot loop issue  ?

issue fix

as you can see above, the remedy for pangu boot loop issue fixing  is simple. what you should do is when you restart your idevice , go to sufficient light area. or put your idevice under torch or table lamp.till pangu team fix this little bug.

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