Do you know how to customize iPhone home screen without Jailbreak?

When it comes to customizing your iPhone, what comes to the mind is jailbreak. But if you want something different from jailbreaking through which you will get the warranty terminated, you are here at the right place. Know about how to customize iPhone Home screen without jailbreak. This would be interesting, keep reading.

customize iphone home screen without jailbreak

Ready to customize iPhone Home screen without jailbreak

Hide App icon labels:

  • Launch settings > general > Accessibility and toggle on Reduce motion
  • Increase contrast and turn on dark colors from the accessibility pane
  • Then move to hide app icon labels (this is easier with a bug on iOS 10)
  • Swipe up the control center and double tap home button to open app switcher
  • From home screen you will notice app icon labels have gone from the dock
  • Repeat the steps and hide all app icon labels

Hide the status bar:

  • This would not be a permanent change as it will reappear when you launch an app.
  • Go to app switcher by double tap
  • Press and hold the button to sleep and wake until you get “slide to power off”
  • Then double press home and go to the Home to see your status bar disappeared

What about Cydia Alternatives to customize iPhone Home with no jailbreak?

Yes, you have the best Cydia Alternative to choose by now in order to apply various customizations on the home screen and functions. It is true that they are not comparable to Cydia. But thanks to the developers, we have wide apps choice in third party installer category to enjoy themes, wallpapers, and various tweaks. You can look into the content of each app and see what they take. You would find some apps taking Cydia tweaks too to get your device through some modifications. So give a try to these free Cydia alternatives.

Wrap up

Customizing iPhone screen is important to make it look different and just right to your requirements. As you already know, iOS jailbreak is the most popular path to customizing iPhones. But if you really do care about iOS firmware updates, device warranty and security, jailbreaking is something that takes you twice to think. So do not worry, try these simple tricks. If not go for a third-party installer and enjoy some Cydia-like features and functions to make a change in the way your device feels and looks.