Cydia for iOS 13.2.3 with Checkra1n

Team Checkra1n brings more and more updates to the tool making it more capable. So it now comes in an improved frame with the new update making Cydia for iOS 13.2.3 possible with the highest support. To know more about updates, read on.

Jailbreak iOS 13

Checkra1n Jailbreak Updates

So far, checkra1n v0.9.6 was the latest through which a long changelog has added to the tool making it supporting through iOS 13.2.3 jailbreak. But with recent news, we now have the latest checkra1n v0.9.7 through which the support is confirmed through Apple’s latest iOS 13.3. Just like the previous update, here it brings more fixes and improvements to the tool making it better than before. So if you have already jailbroken the device with the previous tool, you can reboot and re-jailbreak with the new update to make the process more stable and free of troubles.

How to get Cydia for iOS 13.2.3?

As you might have already aware, Checkra1n is a semi-tethered jailbreak tool that only comes as a Mac-centric tool at the moment. So if you wish to run the process, you must take Mac computer ready to pair with the device. And know that checkra1n supports iOS 12.3 to upper on all A5-A11 devices. But as with the beta state, there could be device compatibility issues at this stage and require high attention through the processing.

One of the satisfying facts about Checkra1n is its Cydia Download support at the end as the package manager. So if you conduct the process properly, you can install Cydia for iOS 13.2.3 from the checkra1n loader app for further tweaking.

More updates ahead for checkra1n jailbreak iOS 13

Cydia for iOS 13.2.3

As checkm8 is a bootrom exploit that influences Apple device hardware, Apple could not easily patch the exploit with usual software updates. And as with Luca Todesco’s recent tweet, he describes the importance of updating the tool with respectively the firmware updates as bootrom is only an entry point to the jailbreak while more work required to confirm the support further. So with that, we could expect team checkra1n to bring more updates with time making the work frame expanded. But it will remain compatible with the same set of device range as the exploit affects A5-A11. So there, iPhone X jailbreak is the latest jailbreak at this stage in concerned devices. To get more interesting news, stay tuned to us.