Get ready to download Cydia for iOS 14

Want to bring amazing deals of Cydia on your iOS of iPadOS 14 running iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Do not forget that it is just a beta and we have to go more. Because of the same reason, we cannot expect a public jailbreak tool that soon until Apple confirms that their all-new operating system is ready to offer to the audience. At this instant, all we have from Apple are beta versions of upcoming OS versions in order to polish them with developers for a better offer for users. It seems iOS and iPadOS 14 going to become another grand story of the company with its new features and even high-security arrangements. But still, we have a chance to talk about Cydia for iOS 14. So this is the story of jailbreaking.

cydia for ios 14

Jailbreak and download Cydia for iOS 14

This may be the most exciting topic that you capture so far even than the release note of iOS 14. We know that it is the most important detail for jailbreakers. Thanks to dedicated researchers and developers of the jailbreak community, we got something interesting that will impress you for sure. It is Checkra1n jailbreak team behind this as well. We cannot forget that they were the first jailbreak team behind iOS 13 as well. And now, two of their developers posted twitter posts that they could crack the first beta and even could add Cydia as well. Since it is just a post that clarified the possibility and even did not drop to the public, do not get a hurry and upgrade to iOS 14 beta.

Should you download iOS 14?

Excite to bring the latest iOS version on your iPhone? But do not forget that you are a jailbreaker and there are more and more to fulfill that will confirm that you can play the game of jailbreak even in iOS 14. But at this instant, all we have is just evidence from Checkra1n that even did not become a public tool. And also, there is one more thing. The reason behind the capacity of Checkra1n is no longer a secret. It is because of the applied exploit call checkm8. But it can only support when you are with one of its compatible devices. So make sure you are between A5 and A8. Therefore, devices after iPhone X should remain for some other confirmation from another jailbreaker.