Doulci Bypass iCloud Activation lock for any iDevice

world’s first Alternative iCloud ServerBypass activation is the only and best method to remove iCloud activation lock for any iDevice.

In the past  if your iDevice face to iCloud activation lock,there is nothing to do. But now Doulci  gives you a second chance to get your iDevices working again for everyday use.Douici can bypass the iCloud Activation Lock and get your device working again partially to get back your digital life, contacts, mail, notes, is very helpful for the original owners which have lost,got hacked or forgot there login info.

Doulci  iCloud Bypass Activation lock is the world’s first Alternative iCloud Server for any iDevice.Doulci help you if you have forgotten your Apple ID and password or no longer have access to your old iTunes email account, then its impossible to regain control of your Apple Product! .But DoulCi bypass activation is the solution. that will enable you to regain permanent part is it is free.

Doulci bypass activation

 Download doulci activator

Doulci Bypass Activation for iDevices – step guide


  • first edit your “hosts” file which is located under C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc directory if you are using Windows system. If you are Linux or Mac user then “hosts” file is located under /etc show in image below 
  • follow the activation steps on your iDevice until the message of icloud activation lock appears.
  • Now Open iTunes and connect your iDevice to pc and accept the messages and validate the errors.
  • Then You’ll be asked by iTunes to accept unsecured albert in the middle of the process. Just accept that. When you got an error on iTunes, click OK, and finish the activation steps on your device.
  • Now Finish the activation on your iDevice and re-plug the device again so it can be recognized by iTunes.
  • Now you have successfully bypassed the apple icloud activation lock.