Why we need to download Cydia iOS 13?

Let’s talk about why you should jailbreak your iPhone or iPad even with advanced iOS versions. Want to know why you have to download Cydia iOS 13? Here is everything briefly.

It is Checkra1n as the first tool released by hackers for those who were excited about iOS 13 jailbreak. But now we have two further tools as well and that released with separate features. The approach too should follow separate steps in accordance with the application that you picked up. At the end of all operations, you will be able to encounter Cydia. But some of you may wonder if Apple offered us the best, why we still eager jailbreaking?

download cydia ios 13

Why should we jailbreak iPhone?

In this part, we are going to bring a couple of significant features that you came brought when only become jailbroken. Of course, there is no doubt that Apple iPhone OS is the world’s leading smart device OS but which surround a few more things to sharpen.

  • Web browsing

We know that Safari is one of the top-rated web browsers and that we often use on iPhone and iPad. For that, Safari is a unique offer of Apple with brilliant highlighted features. But we have some more Cydia tweaks such as Safari Electro 2 that will polish it for a better web browsing.

  • Guest mode and that inspired Mac

We all excited to see features of Apple Watch and Mac on our iPhone, iPod or iPad as well. Therefore, sometimes we have to find out those Cydia tweaks that bring us features on other devices on our beloved iPhone. So this is about bringing Mac-inspired guest mode for iDevices. For that we have tweaks like LendMyPhone 3.

  • Advanced and better file browser

The usual Files app lets you share certain files between iDevices and Mac. Or else we can store media in iCloud using it. But this is not the complete file browser that we all wish. For that, Cydia offers us better and advanced ways for file browsing.

  • Third-party apps with power features

As we know, all apps have their own limitations that you cannot easily skip. In such cases too, we have tweaks that can help us to improve and go through advanced features. Tweaks like YouTube Reborn will be there to help you with more possibilities that not any other method will offer.

  • Customize the interface

Cydia is not just about to advance your device; it can help you through customizations as well. So this is about such tweaks that still Apple did not consider. We have popular tweaks like AirPay, Arc, StockX, Grupi and so on.