Complete guide to PS4 jailbreak

Jailbreak is an interesting term when you know the true goal behind it. There is a world full of features, enhancements, apps, games and many others for jailbreak-only devices. We mostly use it for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, jailbreak a Play Station means such an interesting deal for you do not have to worry about surrounding barriers when you become jailbroken. This is about PS4 jailbreak 2019. We will guide you on how to bring jailbreak permission on your PS4. It should safely apply for there are both positive and negative outcomes. But if you carefully go through and archive proper permission, there is no other condition to keep you surrounding the same frame. Here we go.

ps4 jailbreak

Guide to PS4 jailbreak 2019


  • Prepare each and every single thing before going to the process part.
  • Arrange your Play Station 4
  • Check the compatibility of the version of your PS4
  • Compile a USB drive with at least 1 GB space
  • A special program to extract files such as WinRAR
  • Download the custom firmware from a recommended source

Note: The official website will let you check the correct version of your Play Station. And also, the custom firmware too should applicable in it.

How to?

  • Extract the downloaded firmware using WinRAR or using the tool that you prepared
  • Now plug the USB drive to the PC
  • Copy and paste the extracted file to the drive. It should copy to the root in it
  • Bring the console and then turn off it
  • And then connect it with the USB drive
  • Now turn on the PS4 right away
  • When the loading process is over, go to the Settings > System Update > Update via Storage Media
  • Stay patiently as the process take around 15 minutes to bring to the end

When the process will end, you can have it with as a device running the custom firmware that you suggested.

Wrapping up

By the way, once become a jailbreak user, you are no longer framed among bothersome conditions. So you can easily bring those games and features on your Play Station that you could not so far. Stay further for further clarifications about jailbreaking. Once new releases will be there, check us for reliable reports. Jailbreak your PS4 and enjoy true gaming during this quarantine period. Of course, there are methods to jailbreak PS3 and PS2 as well that you can easily find out from the web.