Enjoy iOS 11 features with iOS 10 jailbreak

After the Apple World Wide Developer Conference now most of the iDevice users are talking about the upcoming giant 11th iPhone mobile operating system. Yes, in the WWDC they have revealed the first developer beta. So, now the paid developers who are the member of Apple testing program can gain with this. And hope the public beta will release soon. Yes, in accordance with the existing details now there is a big discussion about the upcoming firmware update. And when we focus on the features of the 11th chapter we have noticed there were lots of adorable features available with it. But if you already enjoy iOS 10 jailbreak then some of those features were not new for you. Becuase there were similar concepts exist with the Cydia tweaks.

iOS 10 jailbreak

Actually, most of the iDevice users are waiting for the WWDC 2017 to get more details about the upcoming latest Apple product. And finally, they have released the first Developer beta to the registered developers. and now when we see in the past history of the Apple company they have the practice to offer the developer beta within two week period. So, now the second developer beta is on the door-step.

iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks behind iOS 11 features

Well, most of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users are willing to be with the iDevice to enjoy its fantastic features. And within each and every giant update they introduced lots of adorable features to the beloved users. So, in this time when we focus on the features, we have to notify that, some of the features are similar to the existing Cydia tweaks. so, if you are already jailbroken your iDevice with the latest iOS 10 jailbreak then you may use them with your iDevice.

Animated GIFs in Photo App

If you are an animated Gif lover then you can have the chance to use the animations now with your Photo app. But the iOS 10 Cydia users have the Tweak called GIF Viewer for more years ago.

iOS 10 jailbreak

Cellular data in control Center

Really, it is a trouble to go inside to the iDevice to switch on/off the Cellular data option in your device. So, in this time Developer has a remedy for this with the 11th update. But there was a solution for this matter in the Cydia community called CCDataMore, which has added aa green color button to the control Center.

iOS 10 jailbreak

Customize control center

To add or hide icon to your control center now there is a new feature in the iOS 11. But if you are an iOS 10 jailbreak user then you have to enjoy this already with the CChide tweak. And there were more other tweaks available in the Cydia world related to the control center.

Move apps

Need you to switch the home screen app in anywhere you need. Well, then now the apple developer offer you the chance with the upcoming OS chapter. Anyhow if you are a Cydia user then you can use this concept with Multiiconmover or MultiAction.

iOS 10 jailbreak

One-handed Keyboard


within the upcoming giant edition, Apple has introduced a new feature for the users to use the Keyboard with One hand. So, if any Cydia user bothered with the large size of the keyboard then they can enjoy the one-handed Cydia tweak for that.

iOS 10 jailbreak

Pin important notes

Need you to pin your important notes in any place of the device to use in future? Ok, this was a new feature we can see in the giant 11th firmware. But there was a recent jailbreak tweak called Thumbtack offer the same feature for you.

QR Code scanner

iPhone hasn’t the ability to directly scan the QR codes. And in the App store, there were some apps related to this function. Anyhow, now with iOS 11 you can enjoy it directly. But if you have jailbreak your iOS 10 running iDevice then you can enjoy this with the NativeQR tweak.

iOS 10 jailbreak

Siri Language translation

Siri is the most vital feature we can see in the iOS community. Yes, most of the iDevice users hope to have an option to translate the Language in Siri App. But this was available in the jailbreak community for a long time called Lingual.

Wind up

Finally, now most of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch fans are ready to welcome the coming giant 11th firmware update. But remember, if you are one of the jailbreak fan, then it is better to concern on the related all facts before reach to the upcoming firmware. And be alert, sometimes in soon iOS 11 jailbreak chapter will open. So, stay tuned with us to know more about the related stuff.