iOS 10 Untethered Jailbreak- Do you have a chance?

Any update on iOS 10 Untethered Jailbreak? If you are looking for any news, this is the right place to meet all news. Sometimes back, iOS 10 jailbreak was much attention-winning. This was truly due to the Jailbreaker iH8sn0w as with his video post on YouTube which was proving he has successfully achieved untethered jailbreak for iOS 10. But what was its progress?

iOS 10 untethered jailbreak

iOS 10 Untethered Jailbreak achieved!

When it comes to jailbreak and Cydia, iH8sn0w is one big name. So here he comes showing how truly powerful he is in the jailbreak community by showing that he has proven the fact that iOS 10 is jailbrekable. He has proven successful entry to Cydia iOS 10 by doing modifications to the highest.

This jailbreak demonstration was quite powerful at that time and has raised hopes for many about the possible release. But just as always, we could not make any predictions on what is possible in the days ahead.

Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 10

Thanks to the developer Todesco, the long silence of iOS jailbreak has ended. So make those who looked for IOS 10 jailbreak happy, the update Yalu has come. This is a similar tool to Pangu 9.3.3 which was a mix of both tethered and untethered features. As the first successful Cydia iOS 10 version, the tool Yalu here comes with more importance.

Yalu jailbreak has come through a number of beta versions. So with a lot of testing, the tool finally comes in the public hand with support to Cydia. The jailbreak requires to work through Windows, Mac, and Linux as it requires Cydia impactor tool download here to sideload the IPA. And just like you find in every semi-untethered jailbreak, here you are bound to jailbreak expiry with the certificate attached. So make sure you resign the jailbreak after 7 days (if the usual Apple ID is used) and resign the app in every time you reboot the device.

Yalu jailbreak is compatible through iOS 10 to iOS 10.2 covering up 64-bit device compatibility. But there are several conditions from the tool side. So make sure you check all of them before going through processing.

Although there was no iOS 10 untethered jailbreak in progress, Yalu came with Cydia benefits. So if you are on iOS 10 and compatible for this jailbreak, give it a try and enjoy Cydia Download free.