How to acquire iOS 10 features from iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweaks?

As we are obtainable to have in hand the iOS 10 download commencing tomorrow, those who are exciting jailbreak ought not to move in front, for its installation since we yet to have receive its own jailbreak appliance. Jailbreakers too quietly playing the in progressing iOS 10 jailbreak soon after the release. You may wonder when it will launch even without a single sign up till now. So no matter how long you will have to stay with iOS 9.3.3 Pangu jailbreak, given that many of features that you will be pleased to receive are taken from Cydia sources that you are using for the last couple of years.


By the way, we just put down some specific highlighted iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweaks you can try out while you install iOS 10 in future.

iOS 10 features from tweaks

Lock screen widgets

  • LockHTML


One of distinct tweaks that you are able to arrange with your jailbroken iDevice is widgets of the lock screen. Even though you may use the part from the tweak with the feature that apple included for iOS 9, for the complete appearance of the feature of iOS 10, you can install LockHTML Cydia tweak from the tweak store.

Clear notifications


Once you installed the notification clearer tweak, it allows you to move with 3D touch to remove notifications from the center.

Move up to waken

  • FaceDown


This is famous and simple tweak but also a worthy deal. In simply with the tweak Faceoff, you can arrange the complete movement of Move up to wake iOS 10 feature. Just hand the device from the place you kept and open the screen without use any key. This is a tweak that sources brought you from iOS 7.0 jailbreak.

Note down in messages

  • Grafity


Since messages app have group of changes for iOS 10, most of them are similar for those tweaks that you can arrange with your jailbroken iPhone. Writing on messages while you typing text is one of those amusing which allows you to send your own drawings even notes.

Clear built in apps

  • Springtomize/HideMeX


The function that Apple given you to touch stock apps to clear away from the device can simply bye through the jailbreak tweak Sprintomize or HideMex. Apps like Mail, Calendar and any one which seemed to be useless can remove right away. With iOS 10, also you can install them back from the Apple layup.

Weather app through 3D touch

  • Shortcuts


In simply, it is a tweak that connectedly offers you the shortcut for the Weather app in 3D touch. Create a short way to move with the app.

Control Center Redesign

  • Floater

Control Center Redesign

Change the appearance of elements of your Home screen you want through Floater tweak. It access Notifications, Control center and some other functions as well.

Swift app launch

  • QuickCenter


As Apple newly organized 3D touch for several areas of the newer iOS 10 download, the feature you are able to apply via QuichCenter tweak too one of those functions. Access Control hub and archive the opportunity.

Stickers for messages

  • StickerMe


This gives you the appearance of Face book messenger to chat using fascinating stickers. Make your chat an interesting with stickers in addition to Emojis you used.

Lock Screen Widgets

  • LockHTML/IntelliScreen


Closer widgets on your device Lock screen and get them nearer just swiping it left toward the right.

Stay for more control of future iOS 10 jailbreak to skip from your prevailing iOS 9.3.3 Cydia download for more and more cooperatives.