Everything you should know about jailbreak iOS 12.2

It is been a couple of weeks from the day that we received 12.2 as a public version for almost all recommended iPhone, iPod and iPad. And now, it is time to consider how the jailbreak iOS 12.2 story will narrate. Though we are anxious about such happenings, the matter is there are no proper sources to collect what we desire right away. Those fellows who fed up looking for a reliable detail better check our post today. Do not make any decision without knowing the exact situation. Here we go.

jailbreak ios 12.2

Jailbreak iOS 12.2 using Unc0ver 3.0

Since Unc0ver 3.0 is the topic that flies everywhere these days, there are a couple of things to clarify. The truth is this utility cannot support any further version from 12.1.2. If you are with 11.0 to 12.1.2, do not let your device move to another later level for any reason. In accordance with recent reports, the latest beta 49 of the tool will support all between 11 to 12.1.2. But be sure that you are not above them for none of at least 12.2 either that you are searching for because of the only tool we currently have cannot support you.

The true story behind jailbreak iOS 12.2

While I am writing this story, it is a pity to realize that jailbreakers remain with Unc0ver updates. Therefore, we cannot find out a proper direction to let you know if they got a plan to deal with 12.2 as well before long. All we can find out is its official status that surrounded varies features.

For that reason, you better collect each and every single detail before making a decision. In this story, 12.2 is just an empty version when we become jailbreakers for have not any method to reach Cydia.

Apple stopped signing iOS 12.1.4

This was the final minor arrangement of 12.1 and the version that released before 12.2 as well. Anyhow, this should keep in your mind because you better know that you cannot upgrade the device and downgrade back for those older versions at all. For that reason, you cannot that easily decide whether to move to later versions while you do not have proper directions.

And also, we have to move through 12.3 as well for it is going to be the next major settlement of Apple to the 12th OS chain.

jailbreak ios 12.2

Wrapping up

So we are with 12.3 beta 2 as the latest update of the 12th iPhone OS array. Since it will take a few further weeks to turn into a complete version, we have to patiently remain. Even you are a jailbreaker and interest in the next release; you must stay for a while until a true detail will unveil. Thus far, it is Unc0ver as the only realized breakout that we can follow for a reliable upcoming release. However, those who are waiting for Pwn20wnd to make their utility a public soon, just note that it is the 46th beta as their recent offer. So we hope we will be able to count something amazing before long to turn a new chapter.