Pangu 10 jailbreak – How to download Cydia iOS 10?

Jailbreaking became an interesting topic with those amazing releases during the last couple of days. And now, it is iOS 13.3 as the highest version that we are capable to reach as jailbreakers using Checkra1n tool. But this narration is a little far from that. We are going to let you know about Pangu 10 jailbreak for those individuals who are with iOS 10 and related versions. As we all know, Pangu was a well-known researcher and a jailbreaker in the community who launched a couple of tools for iDevices. Is it true and how we can use the tool? Here is everything you are excited to collect.

pangu 10

The truth about Pangu 10 jailbreak

As it was a few years back that we passed iOS 10 as the latest version, you might already upgrade to a further version. Since there is no method to downgrade, you better ignore this if you are with any higher version.

However, it was Pangu 9 as the last public release of team Pangu a couple of years back. Though we start the story with Pangu 10 jailbreak topic, you better get to know that it is not a confirmed application thus far. It was Yalu jailbreak as the first publication to break the wall of iOS 10. But the Pangu team did a proclamation that there is a possibility to break the OS though some said that the 10th iPhone operating system surrounds a powerful and strong security fence. However, we are glad to say that all those versions could perfectly break and even it is iOS 13.3 as the latest jailbroken version. If you are looking for a perfect option to escape, search for the jailbreak tool that compatible with your device model and the running iOS version.

Pangu 10

Pangu 10 jailbreak for Cydia

As we clarified, Pangu 10 could not support us to reach Cydia iOS 10. You can find out Pangu 9, but never the 10th. Those who are with iOS 10 and want to jailbreak their devices can follow the Yalu tool of Luca Todesco in a safe manner. And it will help you to reach Cydia as well. It is an IPA file-based application that you have to get the support of Cydia Impactor. However, it was iOS 9.0 as the final operating system that Pangu supported. You do not have any of their tools that can apply on devices running iOS 10 or later.