How to get Spotify Premium for free no jailbreak?

Those who love to spend their leisure must know what is Spotify? In simply, it is a digital music streaming service that will bring you through tons of podcasts, videos, songs and everything from global artists. It became popular for being similar to well-known Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music. However, it has both free and paid apps to pick up as we prefer. So the premium package contains more than the free option as always. In this guide, we will let you know how to get Spotify Premium for free no jailbreak? Add Spotify is not complicated even you are not a jailbreak user. Here we go.

spotify premium

Spotify Premium for free

If you wish to collect its free package, you have nothing to do except register using the email address or else just sign up using your Facebook account. Even using the free option will help you make sure that it is worth enough to have on your device. When you become a premium user, you have to arrange the deal for a monthly payment. But, still, we have methods that support us to bring the app with advanced features without payment or without jailbreak permission at all.

Get Spotify Premium for free no jailbreak

  • Prepare a Windows/Mac OS X/Linux machine with a lightning cable
  • Download Cydia Impactor and Spotify Premium IPA file from respective sources
  • Launch Cydia Impactor right away
  • Use the prepared cable and connect the device
  • Drag and drop the Spotify file to the Impactor
  • Use the Start button and continue
  • When you will ask to enter your ID login details use your current Apple ID username and password there
  • After the process, go to the Settings section of the device and Genera > Profiles panels orderly
  • Now you have to find out the respective profile of Spotify app and Trust it
  • The app is ready to work

Important: If you wish to know another way to get a closer Spotify Premium app, you have to go through TweakBox. We have Spotify there with advanced features.

Wrapping up

Install Spotify on your device and enjoy worldwide music tracks without search everywhere for various. It helps you to gather various music tracks in one place. However, if you are doubt about its performance, just start with the free package. And then you will realize Spotify is an app that you must not ignore. Let your iPhone set up the app using the above methods with advanced features completely without jailbreak.