TaiG Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 update to TaiG 1.1.0

TaiG jailbreak is the only tool for jailbreak iOS 8 through iOS 8.1.1 TaiG has updated their latest  TaiG v 1.1.0 with English support. TaiG 1.1.0 came with some bug fixes such as prevent sandbox  from generating redundant information. Now you can easily install and update TaiG 

TaiG jailbreak v1.1.0

TaiG jailbreak v1.1.0

If you area already jailbroken your device using TaiG 1.0.2 no need to jailbreak again indeed only  you need to install TaiG. latest v 1.1.0. available with TaiG team’s repo and now you can download TaiG from it . Add the following repo to  http://apt.taig.com and you can install untether.

Video tutorial for update  TaiG jailbreak  – TaiG 1.1.0

Update TaiG jailbreak to TaiG 1.1.0

  1. Open Cydia on your device.
  2. Click the sources tab.
  3. Then click the edit button.
  4. After that click the add button.
  5. Then type URL   http://apt.taig.com in the pop-up box.
  6. Click add source.
  7. After the source has fully loaded click return to cydia button.
  8. Click the TaiG source.
  9. Click all packages > TaiG 8 – 8.1.1 untether > install > Confirm
  10. Tap   the reboot button after the reboot is completed.

Stay tuned for more info